ZIP Halftone 10" Combo Kit (Letters/Punctuation)

10" ZIP-Change Letters & Punctuation Kit - Halftone Style

10" ZIP-Change Letter & Punctuation Combo Kit. This kit of changeable lettering and punctuation symbols consists of an assortment of both letters and common punctuation characters (see character breakdown shown in the image below). Each combo assortment will provide you with a thorough mixture of letters & punctuation in a ratio which is typical for letter usage within the American English language. There will be some fluctuation, between different kit quantities, on how closely the ratio is followed. For the addition of a general mix of more letters, simply use a larger kit size. For selective character additions, add individuals as described below.

ZIP-Change Letter & Punctuation Kit

The assortment of characters (based on a language usage ratio) in these kits should equip you to effectively use your readerboard for a wide variety of messages, however, there may be situations where you would want to enlarge the entire kit or add individuals to expand your assortment.

You may routinely write a phrase that requires many of the same character (Example: the phrase "Mississippi Seniors Society Sponsors" = would be using 10-s, 6-i, 4-o, and 3-p on the same side of the sign) and if such a phrase is common in your situation, you may want to increase your collection to accommodate. Some city, business or community names might use the entire availability of certain letters in your collection. You may want to plan for such a need & expand your kit assortment accordingly.

There are U-Pick assortments (HERE) for your convenience, if you need to expand a kit or completely build your own. (NOTE: our pre-sorted kit assortments will cost less than an equivalent U-Pick kit assortment or a collection of the individual characters)