Flat-Rate Shipping

Zip-Change Letter Kit Shipping

Flat-Rate Shipping - $12.95

One of our goals is to help you effectively use your readerboard, and one of the ways we try to reach that goal is to bring you premium changeable sign lettering products at very reasonable prices. We also think that a part of reaching that goal means that we need to get those awesome lettering products out of the warehouse & into your hands.

To help simplify your decisions about how effective you want your sign collection to be, we have included (in addition to saving you money on premium lettering) our Flat-Rate Shipping on every order! That means that you can literally fill-up your cart with the letters or other characters that'll make your sign collection the most effective possible... you’ll enjoy the same Flat-Rate Shipping cost!

But Wait... There's More!!

If your order is over $500, then we'll make it FREE SHIPPING!

Both of these special shipping offers are limited to shipping to a single location within the continental US via Standard Ground.

There is no minimum purchase, no coupon to enter, no sneaky fine print, no gimmick ... it's simple.

Simply get FREE or Flat-Rate Shipping!


Please see our Shipping & Returns policy page, for any additional details.