8" Z3D U-Pick Kits

U-Pick Changeable Sign Letter Kits

8" ZIP-Change U-Pick Kit Assortments of Sign Letters, Numbers or Symbols. These custom assortments of ZIP-Change characters are available for you to "Build Your Own Kit"... or start with a standard kit (like our Standard 'Commercial' Sign Kit, a kit of letters only, a numbers kit or a symbols kit) and simply use a U-Pick kit to enhance your ZIP-Change collection, making your sign more effective.

Ordering via our U-Pick kit should simplify the process of building your individual character assortments. You can order all of the contents of these kits individually, if you'd rather pick each character one-at-a-time. Hopefully, our ZIP-Change U-Pick kits will save you a little frustration.

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8" Halftone Letters

Choose your own custom assortment of letters.

8" Halftone Numbers

Choose your own custom assortment of numbers.

8" Halftone Symbols

Choose your own custom assortment of symbols.